Martin County Courthouse

Project date: October 2018.
The county commissioners of Martin County, Minnesota had been very concerned about the strong musty damp smells that always permeated the courthouse in the summer months. The building has a dirt floor crawl space beneath the building that was always wet, especially after heavy rains.
Following the initial RenoDry® presentation, the commissioners said that if we can only eliminate the musty smells it would be worth the investment as they had tried everything without result.
Less than a year after the installation of the RenoDry® device, several commissioners, the county auditor and his assistant, along with several other building staff all commented on the great changes that had occurred, especially the smells going away and the building feeling dryer overall. They are very happy with the improvements in air quality and having no unpleasant odors in the building anymore.
They were so impressed with the results that they had another RenoDry® system installed in the state correctional admin offices just across the street from the courthouse.


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