William G. Le Duc Manor House


The Le Duc Historical Mansion, completed in 1866 in Hastings, MN. It was built immediately after the end of the Civil War and its owner, William G. Le Duc, was General during the Civil War. The house is built in Gothic Revival style. General Le Duc was later appointed Commissioner of Agriculture for the United States by President Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th President of the United States.

RENODRY USA was called to Le Duc Mansion in June 2018. The walls in the basement of this historic mansion were wet and salty, the air smelled musty. For decades, rising soil moisture had attacked the building fabric.

Shortly afterwards, the RENODRY system was installed in the Le Duc property. The measurement reports and the statements of the staff prove that only 3 months after the RENODRY system was installed in the basement, the walls began to dry and the air in the basement was fresh again and the musty smell had disappeared. Now, over a year later, the walls are unrecognisable – no more humidity. The customers are absolutely satisfied, so they immediately recommended RENODRY to others.

Le Duc Historic Manor House
Minnesota, USA


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